The Ripple Effect Community
Non-Profit 503(c)(3)

Showing that Strangers Care 

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

The Ripple Effect Community  is a volunteer organization that delivers food to families in need, in time for Thanksgiving. To Bring Hope, Inspiration and Love to families in difficult situations. Our hope is that those touched by this kindness may someday extend such kindness onto others.

Our mission is to show that strangers care, that an act of kinds can dramatically impact others. Bring Hope, Inspiration and Love to families in difficult situations.

Thanksgiving Basket Brigade is built on a simple notion: one small act of generosity on the part of a person that cares can transform the lives of hundreds

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Volunteer hours served since 2009.

of all Donations go towards families

# Families that have received Donation

The First Basket Brigade

Help Families in financial difficulty By Donating Today!


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How You Can Help


Assist gathering donations through grass roots efforts


Different ways to participate and assist our efforts. 


Secure Donations, as little as $45.00 can help feed one family this Thanksgiving

Decorate & Delivery

Helps us in the assembly process of the donations and food gathered with a personalized decoration and delivery.

Our Mission

To show others that strangers care, by anonymously delivering decorated baskets of ingredients for a thanksgiving meal.

Families Going Through Financial Hardship

Work closely with social services and other humanitarian organizations to reach families. 

Contribute to Others

Give back to others, be able to help one another during the holiday season. 

Help the community

Join the world wide efforts to donate and help people in need. 

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